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Pat Roden's musical roots were nurtured in her Murfreesboro Tennessee home. Her parent's back porch served as a gathering place where family and friends shared their talent and love of music. Pat's artistic ability was recognized early and Pat always had dreams of someday entertaining audiences across the U.S. and around the world with her talent. While growing up, she performed throughout Tennessee and adjoining states singing Gospel and Country Music in churches, summer camps, and participating in a regular scheduled summer radio program. She furthered her career by becoming involved in television commercials appearances on national television, having a small role in a movie, touring the United States entertaining at various events, and making time to do lead and background vocal work in the Nashville studios.
Pat's vocal and entertainment ability is unique in the country music business. She appeals to urban, as well as rural audiences. She has performed or shared the stage with such acts as Bill Monroe, Little Jimmy Dickens, Jean Shepard, Justin Tubb, Tommy Overstreet, Tommy Cash, Dianne Sherrill, Linda Davis, Rascal Flatts, Laura Bell Bundy, Rob Crosby, Lynn Anderson, Alan Jackson, Clinton Gregory, Tracey Lawrence, Marty Haggard, and Aaron Tippin, and has performed as a guest of the Grand Ole Opry. Photo on the left is where Pat just received the 2015 AWA Pure Country Female Artist of the Year Award.
In 1994, Pat advanced her career recording and releasing a new album overseas in the European market. Six of the songs on this album received immediate airplay. As word spread, DJ's from radio stations in other countries contacted her requesting the new album. They welcomed her on the European market where every song on this album eventually received major airplay. Pat recorded and released her second album not only in Europe, but in other countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Australia, and even Africa. Promoters desired after listening to her albums, to see a live performance. In the year of 2000, Pat performed her first overseas Scandinavia tour. After her performance on stage, Pat mingled with the audience and DJ's making life long friends and fans.
Pat returned to the U.S. and, in 2001, received awards such as the ICMAG Female Artist Of The Year, European Female Vocalist Of The Year, Lone Star State Country Music Association Female Vocalist Of The Year, and VBNQ Radio Female Vocalist Of The Year. Pat recorded and released her third album and, consequently, returned for another tour in 2003. After taking some time off due to an automobile accident, She just finished her new CrossTown Country album back in July, 2013 and held her release party in Vinstra Norway where she returned once again and performed a lot of her new songs for her fans and also shared the stage with Rascal Flatts. Pat is looking to return overseas again next summer touring with the Highway Connection Band. Pat has recorded duets with European artist such as Terje Iversen, Ronny Caspersen, and Arly Karlsen, who is also on a duet on Pat's new cd, and Lonnie Bartmess here in the US.  She is looking forward to where she will once again perform, meet, and greet her friends and fans and welcome new fans into her overseas circle of friends. Hope to see everyone this next summer maybe in Norway, Ireland, Austrailia, Denmark, and hopefully Sweden again.
Her popular appeal and artistic quality convinces audiences around the world that country music is here to stay and deserves at least equal billing in the merchandising halls of the entertainment industry. Pat's goal remains the same -- to be solely and professionally involved as an entertainer in the field of country music. She strives for her success with a combination of talent, hard work, and a sincere belief in grassroots values. She has respect for the audiences that fine in her music a voice that they want to hear over and over again. She is 90% country, 100% Pat Roden, and a true professional.
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