PAT RODEN - teams up with Mony Smith, and Lana Brown - known as the THORNBIRDS. Each of these ladies are excellent lead vocalists in their own right but also are superior harmony singers as well. Their backgrounds cover all genres of music, Country, Gospel, Blues, and even Bluegrass. Each one of them performs around the world and have their own individual albums recorded, This one of a kind album was recorded amongst friends that had a lot of fun in the studio. The idea of this album is the vocal performance and quality of each artist and the song. This album leans more toward an acoustic radio sound which is right up the alley of the two that teamed up to produce this album for Westwood International Records. Email Pat or Lonnie Ratliff if you are interested in ordering this album

YOUNG COUNTRY - is a collaboration of demo songs that Pat was recording for some  Independent unknown writers, including some songs which she previously had recorded for friends and for herself. Then an artist from back in the 50's heard some of her songs and that is where this album, along with a great friendship evolved. He came from the Louisiana Hayride to Mercury Records, and was on RCA Records. He was known as Rockin' Roy Moss. He introduced Pat and her songs to the owner of Eagle Records in Germany and that is where her overseas history began. This first album happens to be a double album produced by Tom Holland, with songs from Country Ballads, to Rockabilly, to more current style of Country. Email Pat to order this album.
PAT RODEN is the title of this album produced by Tom Holland, and recorded on Westwood International Records This album shows the artistic ability of Pat's vocal and the true feeling she has for the different genres of Country Music. From songs penned by writers like Gail Davies, L.E. White, Curtis Wright, Mike Baker, and Curt Ryle, Lang Scott and Jim Allison, to her largest number one hit around the world written by Larry Cordle and Carl Jackson titled LONESOME DOVE. Another album where there were only two songs that didn't make it into the Top Ten or the Top 100 on the airplay charts around the world. This is a great album. Click on the link at the left to go hear some samples from this album. or Email Pat to Order This Album.
TROUBLE FREE - A great album from Pat, created and produced by Tom Holland and, released on Universal Sound Records. Pat decided to do this album in dedication to Samantha Holland whose life was tragically taken at the age of fifteen. Also dedication to her family, Juanita Hutchins- Pat's Mother, Matt Roden-Pat's Son, and her Aunt Myrtle Ewell. Pat felt a personal bond to the lyrics of some of these songs that were true to her life. Especially JESUS, DADDY, AND YOU, first recorded by Rebecca Lynn Howard and written by Rebecca Lynn Howard, Marty Dobson, and Kim Williams. Pat has also filmed a video on this song and you can view it on her Video Page. There were tears and laughter in the choosing and recording of these songs. On this album is a song that Pat recorded with the music played by the group SHENANDOAH, and written by their drummer - Mike McGuire. All songs on this album made it into the Top 100 to the Top Ten on the airplay charts around the world.  This album proves that Pat is 99% Country and 100% PAT RODEN. Click on the link at the left to go hear some samples. You can Email Pat to Order This Album or Click here to order from CD Baby.
CROSSTOWN COUNTRY - Another great collaboration of songs by Pat produced by Tom Holland and recorded at Sound Control for CSM Productions. Just released in July, 2013. She went back in dedication to her childhood and Church friends in a little spot in the county they called Cross Town. Where they would sit on the old store's front porch and sing country songs. This album contains traditional country songs written by Melba Montgomery, Porter Wagoner, and Carl Jackson to songs written by Shelby Lynne, Randy Van Warmer and Kostas. There is a variety of the different types of country music from ballads to more modern country. She wanted to sing some songs that her friends and fans here in the US would like to hear and also songs that her friends and fans overseas would appreciate. This cd has great studio musicians such as Kerry Marx, Catherine Marx, Steve Hinson, Mark Moseley Duncan Mullins, Wanda Vick, and the late, great drummer Tommy Wells, whom we lost shortly after finishing this session. Also one of the songs is a duet with Norwegian Arly Karlsen. This cd can be purchased from CD Baby or you can email Pat Roden to order. There are also Videos available on two of the songs with Pat from this album.