Pat and Friend's photo page 3
                       Norwegian friends Linn Larson and Anne Rita                          With Mony Smith at Okie Acres Studio       With Lonnie Joe & Glenn Warren at Jim Carter's
          Me, Lana Brown and Mony Smith                     Lana Brown, Jim Carter, Me, & Lonnie Ratliff                      My best buddy Lonnie Ratliff                In The Studio
                                                                                                               Super drummer Maurits Opsahl
    Uh Oh! Sumting Wong            Henning, Hans Christen, Trond Tollin and Tom Holland on stage at Vinstra              Do it Again & Again                        Grand Ol Opry
   Great friend Mike Oldham                                With Casey Anderson                                                 Tom with Casey Anderson                     Good Friend Gene Hendricks
                         Performing CMA week at Country Fan Days for Tom Holland & CSM Productions                                               Setting up our stage for Oklahoma show
  Recording with Norwegian friend Arly Karlsen        With Frank, Arly, Tom, Tommy, & Osbourne          With Tom Holland
  Me at the Vinstra Fest     At the Nashville Palace with LaDonna & Colene  With Trond Norum at Vinstra                                                                    Terje Iversen & Tom
  Photos taken by Tore-Arne-Ronning with Kountry Korral Magazine of Tom and me..Terje iversen and band and  me with Tore-Arne-Ronning     With friend Steve Amm
   With Tore-Arne-Ronning, Terje & Tom        With Terje Iversen & Tom Holland       Last photo I got to take  with friend Steve Amm