More photo's of Pat's Tour's, Friend's, and Fan's
           oops! Who done that?                           Oh look, Best friend's sharing                 Best friends Maurits and Anita Opsahl         Pat Roden
       Maurits Opsahl and Geir Aage         Photographer Jan M. Opsahl            What do you mean jump in?                  I think I need more coffee
    Gary LeVox & Tom Holland                Joe Don Rooney & Tom Holland                  Henning Antonsen              Best friend Bente. It's been ten years.
Gary LeVox & Terje Iversen       Gary LeVox & Trond Tollin              Joe Don, Tom, Gary, & Trond            Rita Sortomme, Stole, & Highway Connection
Willie Heimstad   Vegard Moshagen   Yeah baby, Maurits & Mapex                 Artist Trond Tollin                            Ingvar Folstad                    Geir Aage Vollan
     Arne Bredevien & Pat
I'm bigger than you!        Artist Terje Iversen            Tom Holland    
     Everybody Sing Now                   Closing out the show          Pat Roden & Tom Holland       Pat Roden & Highway Connection Band
  Rita & Stole & Highway Connection      Now that was funny           A serious ballad
                Arne Benoni                        Pat and Ove Dimmen                      Pat & Frode                          Helsing Paul & Pat                Peter Lundell & Tom
     Pat Roden & Bo Porter
   Our Hotel at night. Karl Johan Hotel                 Pat Roden on stage at Vinstra
  Filming the new video in Norway
  Video shot at Fryajuvet Norway
     Guess who fell in the water
      Karl Johan Hotel in Oslo            Pat Roden & The Trolls              Tom & The Trolls      Pat Roden & Jon Kolding
          Watch for snakes                                Filming  video Are You Missin'Me Yet             Wanda Vick, Donna K, & Pat          Kerry, Catherine & Duncan
     The beautiful country of Norway                              Ain't this a pair!                              Outside of Vinstra Norway            Where's Pat? Did she fall in?
                   The crowd enjoying the show at the Skjak Festival                         Trond Grothe,Tom & Bjorn Ulekleiv          Pat & Tom on the main stage
    Out front of the main stage              Good friends Bjorn and Trond        A Truck & Bus driver, Pat & Trond         Jamin' at the REDNECK CAMP
                   Kerry Marx                               Duncan Mullins                          Pat and the studio musicians
Tommy Wells,  Great person and drummer
Engineer & accoustic Mark Moseley        Pat Roden & Terje Iversen                         Pat & background singer Monty Allen                     Wanda Vick
  Linda Davis, Tom Holland & Pat                       T Graham Brown, Pat , & David Frizell           Pat Roden & Dickey Lee                 Ken Mellons & Pat
       Pat  & Freddy Weller                    Johnny Hiland and Ron Lutrick                           Stella Parton & Pat Roden              Hee Haw's Lulu Roman & Pat
          Pat Roden & Kathie Baillie               Pat & Ellie Mae Kay                 Our stage at Lida Sweden                  On stage at Copenhagen Denmark
  Tom Holland & Rick Sharp in Denmark      Sell out crowd at Dahalla Sweden           Tom Holland & Pat Roden      Lee Cummings & Pat in Sweden
  Friend Hansy    Bad Crew in Duved Sweden  Pat on stage Lone Loge Sweden       Billy Keeble & Pat Roden in Vinstra
Pat Roden & Peter Ahlm
           Pat on stage at Vinstra Norway                 Mike and Tom at the controls           Lulu Roman       My buddy  Mike Bella
    Dear friend Steve Amm with Pat                   Pat & Doyle Lawson        Best friends celebrating 10th year anniversary           Pat at Jim Carter's party
           Pat and friend Diane Sherrill             Jim, Rita, Stole, Lee, and Tom at Maurit's and Anita's 10th Anniversary
   Heidi Newfield  with Pat Roden              Happy Birthday to Doris Ann            Maurits Opsahl, Tom,& Jim Pierce          Han's Christian & Trond Tollin